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Web Conferencing

March 4, 2013

Although I have an iPhone, with FaceTime abilities and Skype, I have only used them about a half-dozen times. Perhaps a bit intimidated by the technology, I have not been very keen on connecting face to face via technology. I would much rather meet in person, perhaps sit down for a cup of tea. However, with such busy schedules and living in distant locations I did find the web-conference to be quite convenient for my partner and I. When attempting to call Cheryl, we initially had a few issues with getting our visual running, but after opening and closing our programs we had better success. We were able to discuss our progress in the course, as well as our articles of course. Cheryl and I summarized our articles and agreed that teachers working with students with developmental and learning disabilities have unique needs in their use of technology, not only by the teacher, but also by the learners that they support. Cheryl is a lifeskill worker who supports clients with acquired brain injury/traumatic brain injury (ABI/TBI), while I work with learners who have language learning disabilities, such as dyslexia. In each case, we found that there are many uses for technology that benefit our clients. Skype can be used with those individuals who may find it difficult or are unable to type and send emails due to brain injuries. Skype is also useful for those individuals who have difficulty expressing themselves in written form, or have difficulty with spelling. In this same way, speech to text programs can be used to support either group of individuals. They are able to dictate while the program writes and often sends documents for them. Social media can also be a way for individuals to connect about their disabilities, as well as a way to find more information about their disability and find ways to support them. Having these types of technologies also provide these learners with more independence and often higher self-esteem and confidence. This web conference was a unique way for me to learn more about the technology that will help support my students, as well as allowing me to connect with someone else from the class, which was a bit more personal and gratifying than email.


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