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Teaching Perspectives Inventory

October 17, 2015

I enjoyed completing the Teaching Perspectives Inventory and was able to answer most of the questions quite quickly and easily, only having to stop and consider a few questions. Although at first glance I found the bar graph very intimidating and confusing, upon reading the steps below I began recalling information regarding teaching perspectives from past classes.
My dominant perspective was Apprenticeship; as an instructor of courses that teach adults to work with students with learning disabilities, one of the main concepts we reiterate is that students must move from the simplest to most complex and provide substantial guidance in the beginning with gradual release of support. As the instructor, I always try to display how they should work their students by using these same methods with them.
Just below the dominant line was Transmission. Because I must feel that my students have a mastery of the material, I too feel that I again must model this expertise. When I’m not teaching these adult courses, I am actually working one-on-one with students with learning disabilities and seeing the difference that the support I provide them makes in their development definitely shows when I am teaching my adult classes. I am always enthusiastic about the material and share lots of anecdotes with my classes.
Nurturing was at the Mean line, Social Reform was just above the Recessive line, and Developmental was just below the Recessive line. I was a little surprised that the Developmental perspective was so low as I feel that I do strive to adapt lessons to suit my learners needs.
Overall though there was only a 10 point variance from my highest to lowest totals so don’t feel that I teach completely with in one perspective. I appreciated the thought that this activity provoked regarding my beliefs, intents, and actions; all of my actions were the same as, or above my belief and intent.

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