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Teachers Need Real Feedback

October 25, 2015

In the Ted Talk, `Teachers Need Real Feedback`, Bill Gates exposes the inadequacies of the feedback that most teachers receive; noting that most teachers are usually only presented with one word, `satisfactory`, which does nothing to enable them in improving their teaching, classes, or courses. Although he focuses on the failing scores of the U.S., he also looks at how countries such as Shanghai support their teachers to make sure they succeed in providing best services to their students. Teachers here are presented with opportunities to observe master teachers, have weekly meetings, and require them to observe and provide feedback to their colleagues. He also discusses a project called `Measures of Effective Teaching`where teachers record and observe their lessons, and are provided with more in-depth feedback from their students. Having completed this practice similarly in Delivery of Instruction (PIDP 3220) I agree that this can be a very rewarding experience to help the instructor reflect on their teaching and see what they are doing well, and how they can improve. This was a great video and I would recommend it to all teachers for their consideration in how to provide the best instruction.


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