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Lifelong Learning

November 23, 2015

As time passes by, the world around us continues to  change; technology develops, new information is discovered regarding our teaching topics, society changes…  If we do not also change, our classes will become stale and outdated. Besides this, no one is perfect and can always learn something new, and valuable, whether it is about their teaching topic, their students, or even themselves.
Within the classes I teach, the population is often comprised mostly of educators, and some parents, who are hoping to enhance their ability to provide multisensory structured language instruction to their own students or children.  Many of these participants attend classes after school and on weekends, and must pay for the courses themselves.  Their dedication to continue to develop their skills to support their students best is inspiring.
As a lifelong learner myself, I know that there is so much for me to continue to learn and it is always so exciting to learn something new and be able to apply it effectively to your classes, or life.










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